Welcome to the E-Info Website

The E-Info Website is a Business-to-Business (B2B) Software as a Service (SaaS) created by GeoApps Inc. combining functionality with the E-Info Mobile Application. The E-Info Mobile Application can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store on iOS and Android mobile devices.

GeoApps Inc. is pleased to provide this innovative technology and service to every sector of public and private businesses, churches, and schools throughout the United States of America.

E-Info Will Help You Stay OSHA Compliant and Reduce Risk

OSHA Emergency Standards:


What is E-Info?

E-Info is technology that provides On-Demand information and documents such as:

  • Emergency Action Plans/Emergency Response Plans
  • Fire Escape Plans/Fire Prevention Plans
  • COVID Protocols
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Globally Harmonized System/Safety Data Sheets

Employees, customers, students, faculty, congregants, and guests can access these required documents the second they enter into a subscribed business, school, church, or public venue.

Empower those that matter most with On-Demand information.

  • Management
  • Employees
  • Guests
  • Customers
  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Congregants

Help your business or organization reduce risk, maintain compliance (OSHA Exit Routes & Emergency Planning), increase customer satisfaction, and provide a healthy and safe environment (OSHA-Emergency Action Plan and Fire Prevention Plan).

The overall goal of E-Info is to have virtual information at all public and private locations allowing people to access information from one universal mobile app (E-Info) when it is needed. No more paper policy binders, hard copy handouts, posters, signs, emails, or texts that get misplaced or discarded. While at work, shopping at the grocery store, attending church, dining at your favorite restaurant, or cheering on the local high school, college, or professional sports teams, E-Info gives you on-demand information the second you want it or need it.

Who Should Subscribe to E-Info?

Every public or private business, school, or church within the United States of America will benefit from subscribing to the E-Info website and E-Info mobile application. Subscription fees have been set at minimal rates for the E-Info website allowing the vast majority of businesses, schools, and churches affordability of these services. The “patent pending” technology used in our services provide never seen before On-Demand communication.
*The E-Info mobile application is free to download and use. *

How Does E-Info Work?

Our Software as a Service combined with our mobile application allows private and public businesses, schools, and churches to disseminate and communicate On-Demand Emergency Action Plans, Fire Prevention Plans, COVID-19 Protocols, and other Business/Human Resources Documents to users (employees, customers, faculty, students, congregants, and guests). These crucial plans and documents are placed virtually, by location, using our “patent pending” technology. Once users enter the subscribed location(s), they will automatically have the plans and documents on the E-Info mobile application.

This technology eliminates the need to use communication formats of yesterday to provide life-saving information to people who need it, when they need it.

Plans and Protocols can be updated when needed and published virtually by location. This ensures all people have the most up-to-date information designed for that location via the E-Info mobile application.

Step-by-Step Guide for E-Info Website Use

1. Subscribe to the E-Info Website. (Read all Term & Conditions of Use)
2. Establish physical location(s) on the map under the Create Geo Fence tab.

  • A. Enter location address.
  • B. Name the location (i.e., Store A, Store B, Warehouse #1, ABC Church, ABC School).
  • C. Draw a Geo Fence around the physical location using the tools within the map section.
3. Upload PDF document(s) by selecting the Upload Documents tab.
  • A. Select the address for document(s) upload.
  • B. Make document(s) private so only Employees/Users or Faculty added to your subscribed website can access the uploaded and published document(s) via the E-Info mobile application.
  • C. Make document(s) public so all Employees/Users, Faculty, Students, Congregants, Customers, and Guests can access the uploaded and published document(s) via the mobile application.

4. Add employees/users by selecting the Employee/Create User tab.

5. Notifications can be sent to users inside of the Geo Fenced location.

  • A. Select the “notifications” tab.
  • B. Select the location by “name”.
  • C. Enter information in the “subject” field.
  • D. Enter the desired message in the “message” field and submit the notification.

6. The subscriber can view which users have read the uploaded documents.
  • A. Select the “user documents” tab.
  • B. Select the desired document from the dropdown menu.
  • C. View employees/users. If a “true” indication is shown, the employee/user has read the uploaded document.
  • A. Create users/employees that can access private documents for each Geo Fenced location created within secured website.
  • B. Employees/users can be added or deleted as necessary.

E-Info Subscription Rules

The E-Info SaaS includes the use and functionality of the website/admin panel and has been designed as a subscription/paid SaaS for “Owner(s)”/Legal Entities. The mobile app service has been designed as a free service for employees, customers, faculty, students, congregants, guests, etc. The term “Owner(s)” is intended to encompass any person that has the responsibility and authority to act on behalf of an y Legal Entity (Referenced as a business (private or governmental), school, college, church, public venue, hospital, restaurant, retail store, warehouse, yard, etc.) to subscribe to this SaaS for official use by that Legal Entity. Each Legal Entity is Defined as (Individual, Association, Cooperative, Company, Corporation, Incorporation, Limited Liability Company, Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, Limited Liability Limited Partnership, Professional Limited Liability Company, Non-Profit, Doing Business As, Independent School District, Private School District, Public College, Community College, Private College, Municipality, City, Village, Town, County, Parish, State, and U.S. Government Cabinet Level Divisions/Departments) and must subscribe individually as a Legal Entity to the SaaS. A Legal Entity is not allowed to combine SaaS subscriptions due to common ownership(s) and/or combined business and/or personal relationship(s). Each Legal Entity’s SaaS subscription is limited by Zip Code. By subscribing to this SaaS, you and your Legal Entity agree to only use the SaaS within the Zip Code subscribed. This means each SaaS subscribed Legal Entity can Geo Fence and upload document(s) to as many physical locations chosen within the one (1) originally subscribed Zip Code. If you and your Legal Entity wish to expand the SaaS outside of the Zip Code for which there is a paid subscription, the Legal Entity must subscribe for each and every additional Zip Code in which the Legal Entity intends to use the SaaS. Periodic audits will be conducted by GeoApps Inc. for each “Owner”/Legal Entity’s subscription(s) to ensure these “Terms & Conditions” are adhered to. If an “Owner”/Legal Entity uses this SaaS outside of the Zip Code subscribed, and/or combines more than one Legal Entity per subscription, the “Owner”/Legal Entity/Subscriber gives GeoApps Inc. the exclusive right to charge the “Owner”/Legal Entity/Subscriber for each and every additional Zip Code used by the “Owner(s)”/Legal Entity/Subscriber that is in addition to the subscribed Zip Code, and/or the exclusive right to charge for each additionally combined Legal Entity used on a subscription(s) in violation of these “Terms & Conditions”. The credit card on file for that “Owner”/Legal Entity/Subscriber will be charged the published annual subscription rate for each additional Zip Code used by the “Owner(s)”/Legal Entity/Subscriber, and/or for each additionally combined Legal Entity used under one (1) subscription in violation to these “Terms & Conditions”. An invoice with the additional subscription charge(s) will be sent to the “Owner(s)”/Legal Entity’s e-mail/address record on file with GeoApps Inc. All legal avenues will be used to collect subscription fees by “Owner(s)/Legal Entity’s that intentionally or unintentionally use or misuse our SaaS and website/admin panel without paying the required subscription fee(s). (*Note* mobile app services are free to all users.)

Contact GeoApps Inc.

E-mail: info@geoappsinc.com
Website: www.geoappsinc.com